Awake, Arise, Shine!

Awake, Arise, Shine!

Bless you! —I really feel like this is what God is yelling for 2016 or 5776 (Jewish calendar year). It’s High Time! One season is over and this is a liberty / liberation year. Our Father wants us to be free more than we want to be free. Free of anxiety, free of undue stress, free of so many burdens. So the three key words are awake (wakey-wakey!), arise, shine. -Isaiah 60

God says stir yourself, think life, talk life, eat life, get up and live, not just a form but a life. I’m not sure if it was curiosity that killed the cat or complacency. Do things physically, soulically and spiritually. Most of all spiritually, to prove you’re alive, especially to yourself.

After waking, arise. Look into your future. What would you like to see? For me it’s not a 6 minute mile, but maybe something special for some special folks in my life. To sing more, to dance more, to see more newborn Christians. So I must pray, talk, and see my hopes and dreams.

Then Shine! The Amplified Bible says be radiant with the glory and brilliance of the Lord! To do so I have to awake and arise, then go to the dark places. That could be talking to a neighbor, that could be inviting a work colleague out for coffee, or maybe visit a health center just to talk to the old folks. Oh! I know the Lighthouse Sober Living House in Fort Collins could always  stand a visit (709 Wagner Dr.) But be careful; shining is hard on self and flesh. However it contains such great blessing for the inner man .

So you go…. Awake, Arise, Shine!

P Dee


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