Honor All Men

Honor All Men

1 Peter 2:17 – Honor all men!

Question 1: Do I love people with the love and honor God has placed in me?

Question 2. Since I am blessed to be a blessing, am I daily inquiring how this is actuated?

A desire for the nations is a desire for the kingdoms of this world to be a part of His kingdom. He does not see them for the wrong that they may be doing, He sees them for what they can become. That is how he saw you and me. He did not see us for what we were not doing. It is all about perspective. His perspective for you and me is redemptive. He sees the power that He has invested in us through His sacrifice, through His work, through His teachings, through the working of the Holy Spirit in our lives, and He sees what we can become.

Father the path of righteousness is that eventually the kingdoms of this world; Democrats, Republicans, Google, Facebook ,Catholicism, Communism, all become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ.

Rev 11:15



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