Our Leadership

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Pastor Dee & Cindy Highland

The anointing of God frees people (Luke 4:18) from bondages. After serving inmate paraministries for several years, my wife and I saw so many lives that were going to take long periods to re-adjust.

Twice while speaking to crowds of inmates at two separate prisons, I saw in my heart of hearts all these grown men as little boys. I then began to inquire of God the meaning of all this. It soon became so apparent that God wanted to interfere/interupt these lives prior to the wrong choices they had made. Hence, reaching them as boys/young men.

Then, through a culmination of events I found myself interceding over the Laporte area believing that God wanted to do a new work there. As the will of God unraveled, it was revealed that He wanted us to start the work here in Laporte.

So……here we are!

Elders Paul & Karen Hicks

More Information Coming Soon