Our Goals, Mission & Vision

Our Goals, Mission & Vision2018-07-11T15:46:28-06:00

Highest Goals

  • To help each individual realize and operate in their destiny no matter what their background
  • To see fathers and mothers equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools to become who they must be in their marriages, families, churches, and the world around them
  • To help youth and children have an ongoing experience with Jesus Christ

Mission Statement

  • Choosing to embrace with this fellowship means to be willing to grow towards being a fruit-bearing branch, and to fulfill our calling of leading saints into Kingdom principles and into a vital connection with the Holy Spirit according to John 15:8 and Ephesians 4:11-14.
  • We will reach out actively in pursuit, beseeching and constraining those who do not know Christ, and to help them feel and see His loving-kindness according to Luke 14:23.


  • The soul and heart of this body is in the ideal that as a man, woman, or child comes to know the love of God through experiencing His fellowship, a change will take place in every area of their life.
  • The impartation that will take place in them will be noticeable. God in His “grace work” will then begin to do a “heart work” in those closest to this child of the King. Thus, eventually, the entire family will experience not religion in the sense of ritual, but a real, true life with and of Christ.
  • We are in North Fort Collins / LaPorte area to align with other Christian ministries to bring about God’s growth in this area.
  • In accomplishing this vision, we believe this growth will create saints matured to minister at every level along with being productive and caring members of society.