Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

On a day when we are celebrating our pastor, he is celebrating the gifts of the Holy Spirit that flow so freely. Join him in making these faith statements, knowing that our God is big enough to make us exactly into the character of Christ.


The effects of the Holy Spirit at my age are tremendous.

  • Joy unspeakable and full of glory just because He lives in me.
  • Since He lives in me and I’m obedient to him I am able to love.
  • I also have extreme joy exuding from me if I listen closely to the voice of God.
  • I am a patient man just because his patience is in me and it is a fruit of the Spirit.
  • The Holy Spirit teaches me gentleness toward all men.
  • Meekness and humility are at work in me because of my communion with the Holy Ghost.
  • He is teaching me self-control:
    • How to put my body under
    • How to put my fleshly mind under the will of God

…so I can truly love Him with all my mind and all my heart and all my soul and all my strength.

P. Dee


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